Production Reviews

A Bolt from the Blue July 2018 by David Lillington

Peter Pan and the Pirates 2014. Chudleigh Phoenix by Reuben and Daisy

 “I think Chudleigh should have a pantomime every year” raved Mike Underwood and the crowd seemed to agree with him. CADS put on another cracking pantomime in January. ‘Peter Pan and the Pirates’ was suitable for young and old, with the story adapted to include people and places in Chudleigh. It had a superb atmosphere and included songs, jokes and audience participation (Oh yes it did!)

Forget pantomime horses, this epic show had a stunning pantomime crocodile, the real hero who ate all the baddies. The cast had great fun and, as Tess Frost, the director, said: ”Everybody was very confident and knew their words and moves and were able to improvise when they got the giggles.” It was clear CADS has been working on this for a long time since it all ran very smoothly and the costumes, music and set were all spectacular. [Review by Reuben]

After the show, Daisy Haslam asked Bethany Martin and Ella Carnell a few questions about being in a pantomime.

DH: Was it fun to be in a pantomime?

BM: Yes because it was nice to meet new people and it was very exciting. It’s much better than sitting down and watching TV.

DH: How did you feel before your first performance?

EC: A little bit scared because it could have gone wrong.

DH: Who was the funniest character?

BM: Tinkerbelle or Breaking Wind because Tinkerbelle was played by a man and Breaking Wind had a fart sound effect!

DH: What was your favourite song?

EC: The pirate song as it was very catchy and fun.

Jack and the Beanstalk, January 2015 From the Chudleigh Phoenix

This year’s pantomime proved to be a treat well worth waiting for.

From the initial appearance of the chorus, the cast demonstrated their ability to sing and dance at the same time. We were introduce to Baron de Bogey Tracey, who delighted the youngsters with his permanently runny nose. Daisy the cow was a brilliant construction although she was possible eclipsed by the magnificent goose, causing much hilarity as her ability to lay golden eggs didn’t always happen on cue.

By a miraculous feat of engineering the beanstalk grew up to the heavens, otherwise known as ‘cloud land’, a country most inhabited by various sorts of beans (including jelly beans) which led to a good number of cracker-type jokes.

The giants voice was heard behind the scene long before we saw him but what a shock when he eventually appeared.An enormous head with a scar face and horrendous teeth- chudleigh’s dentists would have had a field day. I wonder what the young children present at the matinee performances made of him? Certainly not the type you would want to meet on a dark night in Chudleigh (or Chudleigh knighton).

For me the star of the show was Ma Sprat, played by Kevin Boot. It was incredible that he managed to remember so many lines, and he obviously a natural as a panto dame.

Millie Websters singing voice as Jack Sprat was a joy to hear, although i can’t see Laura Scales as Jim Sprat without being reminded of her role as peter plan last year, she looked so the part.

The Shanty men, although popular and well received, seemed surplus to the plot. All in all however, the pantomime was an excellent production, Which repaid all the long hours of hard work put in by cast and crew. Surely special mention must go to the brilliant scenery and costume designers. Carlotta’s outfit was a truly magnificent work of art. What a talented team.

Congratulations to everyone involved, and we await next year’s effort with anticipation. Can this year’s performance be bettered?